Windows Biometric Framework

You can use the Windows Biometric Framework API to create client applications that securely capture, save, and compare end-user biometric information.

sgcBiometrics is based on WBF API and allows to Delphi / CBuilder Developers implement advanced biometric solutions

When Use sgcBiometrics?

The Windows Biometric Framework API enables you to create client applications that can interact with the Windows Biometric Service to perform the following actions:

  • Identify and verify users.
  • Locate biometric devices and query their capabilities.
  • Login to propietary applications, like ERP
  • and much more!
  • Create client applications

    You can use the sgcBiometrics to capture and use biometric information in your applications.

    Create a Private Sensor Pool

    Create your own Database File and access only from your application.