Benss Fingerprint Review

Support OS
Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32/64-bits). Not compatible with the Linux/Mac/Android operating system. 

Fingerprint Touch by any Direction
Accept "360 degrees"fingerprint matching to free your finger touch scenarios.

Small and little weight Dimension: 0.83x0.55x 0.31inch

First Steps

Fingerprint reader comes in a small package box and without any user manual.

Installation in Windows 10 is very easy, just plug fingerprint reader in any free USB port and windows will install automatically required drivers. Windows 7 and 8 requires download drivers from benss webpage.

Windows Biometric Framework

This small fingerprint USB read states that supports windows hello, let's test if fully supports WBF specification. First we try to open System Pool Sensor, which is done without problems and we try to locate sensor, which works well too. 

Then, I try to enroll a biometric sample. It works and it's quite accurate because only needs 14 swipes to get a full sample.

After enroll, I try to identify previous sample and is successful. 

Now, I try to create a new Private Pool Sensor. Here I've the first problem and unresolved, although enrollment works as good as in system pool sensor, template is never commited so I can't enroll any fingerprint. Windows logs shows there is an error in windows biometric service which stops service and never saves template. Seems a problem with BENSS drivers which I hope it will be solved on next versions.

 As conclusion, only purchase this reader if you only need access to System Pool Sensor, if your application requires a private storage, this Fingerprint reader is not for you. For Windows Hello is a nice small and accurate reader.

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