sgcIndy Package is built on top of the Indy Library and includes all the Indy components plus new features not supported by the Indy Library.

If you are looking for the Indy Library, you can download the latest Indy version from github:

What's sgcIndy Package?

The origin of the sgcIndy Package started when several sgcWebSockets users were concerned about the lack of support of the latest openSSL libraries by the Indy Library (which officially only supports the deprecated 1.0.2 version), initially only the sgcWebSockets library implemented the new openSSL versions, but lots of users are still using the Indy components in production (FTP, SMTP servers...) and I got several requests to implement these features to override the security problems using the deprecated 1.0.2 openSSL libraries. sgcIndy Package tries to fix these problems providing access to the latest OpenSSL 1.1.1 & 3.0.0 libraries and adding support for other features like ALPN and more.

It's free?

Yes, it's absolutely free for all Delphi and CBuilder users without any limitations.

Why I should use sgcIndy package instead of Indy

Indy is a great library, but in the latest years the development has lack of support for new protocols, new openSSL libraries (still using 1.0.2)... sgcIndy takes profit from the sgcWebSockets library development and implements those new features, so legacy indy components like ftp, smtp... can take advantage of modern protocols maintaining your actual code base without the need of using other libraries.

Additionally, the sgcIndy Package comes with a windows setup that makes the upgrades between versions easier than doing manually and backups the Indy version that comes with Rad Studio if exists. If later sgcIndy Package is uninstalled, the Indy version is restored.