After you register your license, you get 1 year of updates and support by our online HelpDesk or by mail.

Once registered, you get a link to download your package, so you don't need to wait, you'll get the package automatically after you purchase.

After successful registration, you get an user and password to login our website and you can download latest source version. When we release a new version, you'll get notified by mail.

Yes, you can download a trial version with precompiled units. This Trial is fully functional by limited in time. Delphi / CBuilder packages require built-in Indy and Intraweb versions provided with Rad Studio (this limitation can be overriden if you've full source code).

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Yes, but there is no design time package because linux for delphi only allow console programs (if you use FMXLinux, you can use for desktop applications, there is an article which use a project for FMXLinux and sgcWebSockets sgcWebSockets + FMXLinux). Just add the sgcWebSockets units in your project and will work. Lazarus + Linux is supported too, so you can build applications for Linux using lazarus compiler

Is per-developer, so each developer that uses our product must have their own license.

No, the licenses are perpetual (with 6 or 12 months of free updates) and are royalty-free. Perpetual means that after expiration, you can use our components without limits, but this doesn't mean that you will get updates forever.

Yes, if your subscription includes renewal discounts, a mail is sent automatically, when your license expires, with a discount code.

Yes, you can check following page with more info about checkout process.

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Yes, support is included in any Edition. But if you are interested in faster response times and Enhanced support you can purchase Premium Support Plans with your package.