AMQP 1.0.0
Advanced Message Queuing Protocol 1.0.0

Message-oriented communication

AMQP 1.0.0 is centered around the concept of messages. Messages can carry data, instructions, or commands and are the fundamental units of communication.

Message Brokers

The protocol operates on a brokered messaging model. Brokers, which can be servers or intermediary entities, manage the routing and delivery of messages between producers and consumers.

Queues and Exchanges

Queues are storage entities within the broker where messages are temporarily stored. Exchanges define the rules for routing messages from producers to queues based on criteria like message content or routing keys.


AMQP 1.0.0 supports various security mechanisms, including authentication and authorization, to ensure secure communication between clients and brokers.

Flow Control

AMQP 1.0.0 includes mechanisms for flow control, allowing consumers to indicate their ability to handle incoming messages at a given rate. This helps prevent overwhelming consumers with a large number of messages.

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Create Connection

// Creating AMQP client
oAMQP := TsgcWSPClient_AMQP1.Create(nil);
// Setting AMQP authentication options
oAMQP.AMQPOptions.Authentication.AuthType := amqp1authSASLPlain;
oAMQP.AMQPOptions.Authentication.Username := 'sgc';
oAMQP.AMQPOptions.Authentication.Password := 'sgc';
// Creating WebSocket client
oClient := TsgcWebSocketClient.Create(nil);
// Setting WebSocket specifications
oClient.Specifications.RFC6455 := False;
// Setting WebSocket client properties
oClient.Host := '';
oClient.Port := 5671;
oClient.TLS := True;
// Assigning WebSocket client to AMQP client
oAMQP.Client := oClient;
// Activating WebSocket client
oClient.Active := True;

Open Session


procedure OnAMQPSessionOpen(Sender: TObject; const aSession: TsgcAMQP1Session; const aBegin: TsgcAMQP1FrameBegin);
ShowMessage('#session-open: ' + aSession.Id);

Create Sender Link

AMQP1.CreateSenderLink('MySession', 'MySenderLink');

procedure procedure TfrmClientAMQP1.AMQP1AMQPLinkOpen(Sender: TObject; const aSession: TsgcAMQP1Session; const aLink: TsgcAMQP1Link; const aAttach: TsgcAMQP1FrameAttach);
ShowMessage('#link-open: ' + aLink.Name);

Send Message

AMQP1.SendMessage('MySession', 'MySenderLink', 'My first AMQP Message');

Supported Platforms

The component supports the following Platforms:

Delphi   CBuilder Lazarus