Files eSeGeCe WebSockets Protocol

Publish subscribe architecture

Files are delivered asynchronously (“push”) through publish subscribe architecture.


Optionally can request Authorization for files received.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Implements QoS (Quality of Service) for file delivery.

Low Memory Usage

Can handle small, medium and big files using low memory.

Create Connection

// Create websocket client and set server options
oClient := TsgcWebSocketClient.Create(nil);
oClient.Host := '';
oClient.Port := 5414;

// Create SGC protocol and assign to websocket client
oFiles := TsgcWSPClient_Files.Create(nil);
oFiles.Client := oClient;

// Handle SGC methods
oFiles.OnSGCConnect := OnSGCConnectHandler;
oFiles.OnSGCDisconnect := OnSGCDisconnectHandler;

// connect to server
oClient.Active := True;

Send File

// send file in "c:\myFile.txt"

File protocol allows to send files using binary websocket transport. It can handle big files with a low memory usage.