sgcJQueryMobile Package includes this component:


This component allows to create a JQueryMobile Intraweb WebPage in seconds, drop the component on your Intraweb Form and automatically it will convert your Standard HTML page on a Mobile, tablet or desktop comptatible browser.


Drop a component on your form and automatically will enhance standard intraweb components. Enhance properties like: Theme, Inline controls or Mini view...Standard Intraweb Components Supported:

  • TIWEdit
  • TIWComboBox
  • TIWRadioButton
  • TIWCheckBox
  • TIWButton
  • TIWMemo
  • TIWGrid


Touch and Orientation Events support, using Async Events.

  • Orientation: detect when device change to portrait or landscape
  • Swipe: detect when user does a swipe to left or to right
  • Touch: detect when user touch or tap hold


Built-in navigation system, including footer and header bars.

  • ToolBar: includes 2 buttons (left and right) with async on click support
  • Navigation Bar: includes up to 5 buttons, with built-in standard icons, async events and customized themes
  • SlidingPanels: includes 2 panels: left and right panels.
  • ListViews: includes 2 listviews: top and bottom listviews.

Dialogs and PopUps

Built-in Dialogs and PopUps.

  • Dialogs: customize custom Modal Dialogs.
  • PopUp: customize custom context menus.


Compatible with mobile, tablet, e-reader and desktop browsers.

  • Apple iOS
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Phone
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • ...


HTML Templates Support.

Built-in Themes support

Properties and events


iOS Browser ScreenShots