Windows Biometric Framework

The Windows Biometric Framework (WBF) comprises of a set of services and interfaces which support the consistent development and management of biometric devices such as fingerprint readers or Facial Recognition Cameras.

Supports Delphi / CBuilder

Share your code using our sgcBiometrics library for your Delphi and CBuilder projects.

Fingerprint Sensors

You can use the sgcBiometrics to capture and use fingerprint of your users and use them for login in your applications.

Facial Recognition Cameras

Monitor the presence of faces, recognize them, know when depart, when arrive and more.

Fingerprint Demo

Fingerprint Demo shows the main features of Fingerprint Sensor.
Tested with Benss Fingerprint Sensor

Facial Recognition Demo

Facial Recognition shows the main features of Facial Recognition Cameras.
Tested with Logitech Brio WebCam 4K Ultra HD