Delphi OpenApi client generator
sgcOpenAPI Parser can simplify your build process by generating client SDKs for any API, defined with the OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger) specification, so your team can focus better on your API’s implementation and adoption.
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OpenAPI Parser

sgcOpenAPI Parser allows generation of API client libraries (SDK generation) automatically given an OpenAPI Spec.

OpenAPI Clients

sgcOpenAPI allows to generate automatically the client API interface in Native Pascal Language given an OpenAPI Specification. Currently supports from Delphi 7 to latest Delphi version.

OpenAPI 3.*

sgcOpenAPI Client Parser supports OpenAPI 3.* specifications in JSON and YAML formats.

Swagger 1.* and 2.*

sgcOpenAPI Generator can import Swagger 1.* and Swagger 2.* specifications

Fully Documented

sgcOpenAPI Generator allows to create a documentation file from an OpenAPI specification in PDF or CHM formats.

Easy to use

Easy to use, you can expand your Applications using modern SDKs like Amazon AWS, Google, Azure, Ebay...

OpenAPI Delphi Parser

Amazon AWS SDK

Google Cloud APIs

Microsoft Azure SDK

sgcOpenAPI Delphi Parser Trial

Use the sgcOpenAPI Delphi Parser to import an OpenAPI Specification and generate a Pascal Interface.

sgcOpenAPI Parser

[*]Trial limitations: expires after 30 days, the Endpoints/parameters are encrypted and the executable can only run in the same machine where has been compiled.

Amazon SDK

Download Amazon SDK Trial
The sgcAWS SDK implements up to 280 Amazon AWS REST Services.

Google SDK

Download Google SDK Trial
The sgcGoogle API implements more than 250 Google REST Services.

Azure SDK

Download Azure SDK Trial
The sgcAzure API implements more than 650 Azure REST Services.

Microsoft SDK

Download Microsoft SDK Trial
The sgcMicrosoft API implements more than 15 Microsoft REST Services, including Graph API.