Obsolete Connection String using RSA

sgcWebSockets library allows to run Secure WebSocket Servers using openSSL libraries, if you start a new secure server and try to connect with a web browser like chrome, will run fine and shows a green lock for the wss connection. But if you check the details of connection, you will see that chrome complains about security of it.

Fix Cipher Suite 

oServer := TsgcWebSocketServer.Create(nil);
oServer.Port := 443;
oServer.SSL := True;
oServer.SSLOptions.Port := 443;
oServer.SSLOptions.Version := tls1_2;
oServer.SSLOptions.OpenSSL_Options.ECDHE := True;
oServer.Active := True; 

With sgcWebSockets 4.3.2 there is a new property in OpenSSL_Options called "ECDHE", if active, will use ECDHE key exchange instead RSA, so this warning will be solved.

Requires openSSL 1.0.2 to work.

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