RTCMultiConnection Delphi Server API

From sgcWebSockets 4.5.3, RTCMultiConnection is supported. RTCMultiConnection is a WebRTC JavaScript library for peer-to-peer applications (screen sharing, audio/video conferencing, file sharing, media streaming etc.)


The RTCMultiConnection requires a WebSocket server for Signaling, so link the server property of RTCMultiConnection to a WebSocket Server (like TsgcWebSocketHTTTPServer). Find below the properties you must configure.


  • Host: is the public IP address or DNS name of WebSocket server.
  • Port: is the listening port of WebSocket Server.


Is the configuration of the ICE servers (STUN/TURN) to allow communicate between peers. Example:

[{ "urls": "stun:www.yourstun.com"},{"urls": "turn:www.yourturn.com","username": "user","credential": "secret"}]


Here you can configure the Video Resolution of Video Conferences, as higher is the resolution, more bandwidth is required by the connection.


Configure for every Application which is the name of the HTML page that servers this content.

Example: if the server is running on website www.webrtc.com on port 8443 and the HTMLDocuments.VideoConferencing = /RTCMultiConnection-VideoConferencing.html, the url to access the VideoConferencing will be


WebRTC requires a secure connection (HTTPs) so requires the use of certificates.


The Component supports the following Applications:

  • Video-Conferencing: Multi-user (many-to-many) video chat using mesh networking model.
  • Screen-Sharing: Multi-user (one-to-many) screen sharing using star topology.
  • Video-Broadcasting: Multi-user (one-to-many) video broadcasting using star topology. 

Find below a compiled Server Demo for Windows 32.

File Name: sgcRTCMultiConnection
File Size: 2.8 mb
Download File
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