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From sgcWebSockets 4.4.6, the Google Cloud PubSub client components adds a new authentication protocol. Till now, only OAuth2 protocol was supported, now Authenticate using JWT is supported too. This means that you can run a service or an automated application with the need to authenticate using a Web-Browser like with OAuth2.

There is a new property called Authorization, where you can set which is the authorization scheme

    • gcaOAuth2: OAuth2 protocol.
    • gcaJWT: JWT authorization tokens, used for service Accounts.

*JWT support requires sgcWebSockets Enterprise Edition or latest Indy version.


First, you must create a new Service Account from your Google Cloud Console. You can check the following article which shows how create a new service account.

Once created, you can use the method LoadSettingsFromFile to load the JSON configuration file in the sgcWebSockets PubSub client.

oPubSub := TsgcHTTPGoogleCloud_PubSub_Client.Create(nil);
oPubSub.GoogleCloudOptions.Authorization := gcaJWT;
// you can assign manually
oPubSub.GoogleCloudOptions.JWT.ClientEmail := ' email...';
oPubSub.GoogleCloudOptions.JWT.PrivateKeyId := '...private key id...';
oPubSub.GoogleCloudOptions.JWT.PrivateKey.Lines.Text := '...private key certificate...';
// or you can load from JSON file
oPubSub.LoadSettingsFromFile('... path to json file ...');

// test components calling ListTopics
ShowMessage(oPubSub.ListTopics('...project id...')); 

You can download a sample project which shows the main features of PubSub sample downloading from the following URL

Google PubSub Demo

Download a compiled application for Windows to test the Google Pub/Sub API
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