sgcIndy & DevExpress

When upgrading the sgcIndy version, some packages makes use of the Indy version, so there are some incompatibilities. Now the sgcIndy installer has a new option to be compiled in Compatibility Mode which allows to upgrade the sgcIndy version to the latest and allow other packages to be built using the latest sgcIndy version (like DevExpress).

First install the latest sgcIndy version and select in the Options menu the option "Compatibility Mode". 

After that, if you own a license of sgcWebSockets Enterprise, you can replace the Indy version that comes with Rad Studio and use sgcIndy instead. Just access to the options menu of the setup and select "sgcIndy Installed" and "sgcIndy Compatibility Mode". 

Finally, you need to recompile the DevExpress Package, just follow the instructions and when it's finished, sgcWebSockets and DevExpress will use the sgcIndy package instead of the Default Indy version that comes with Rad Studio.

Find below a video that shows how to install the packages.

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