sgcWebSockets 4.3.3

 Changes included in this version:

[+] : Added support for IOCP Indy Server (Websocket and HTTP Servers). There is a new property called IOHandlerOptions where you can select which IOHandler user (indy default or IOCP for Windows). *Requires custom Indy version (Beta).
[+] : Updated Trial for Lazarus to version Lazarus 2.0.6.

[*] : Fixed Bug Client Component, when receives a Close Frame, sometimes memory becomes corrupted (Thanks to Michael to let me know).

IOCP Indy Servers 

 sgcWebSockets 4.3.3 adds support for IOCP API in Indy Servers. Requires custom Indy package.


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New CDN for Registered Users
Indy IOCP Server