sgcWebSockets 4.3.7

Changes included in sgcWebSockets 4.3.7

[+] : New Component TsgcTDLib_Telegram, Allows to build Telegram Clients using TDLib JSON library.
[+] : New Demo "Telegram" which shows how connect to telegram API, send a Text message, receive text messages, available chats...
[+] : Improved Kraken API Component, now WebSocket API supports private channels. Requires an API Key and API Secret from Kraken Account.
[+] : Improved Kraken API Component, now REST API is supported (allows to create orders, cancel orders, get account information using HTTPs as protocol).
[+] : Improved Kraken API Component, now HTTP requests can be stored in a log file.
[+] : Updated Client Demo to show Kraken improvements.
[+] : New Property "Intents" in Discord API Components, allow to filter which events are received (by default all).
[+] : New Property TCPKeepAlive in TsgcWebSocketClient and TsgcWebSocketServer, allows to enable keep-alive on TCP socket level, to try to detect dropped connections (like cable unplugged).
[+] : Improved events dispatch when notifyEvents = neAsynchronous to prevent errors (Requires Rad Studio 2010+).
[+] : Improved Google Pub/Sub component, there are 3 new properties to customize local listening server (LocalIP, LocalPort, RedirectURL).

[*] : Fixed Bug in TsgcWSAPI_Pusher, private and presence channel didn't work if OnPusherConnect event was not set. (Thanks to Ozzie to let me know).
[*] : Fixed Bug compiling in Lazarus for Ubuntu, there was an error in Interfaced Component in JSON unit. (Thanks to Moctezuma to let me know).
[*] : Fixed Bug Discord API, reconnecting after a disconnection from server, was not handled properly.
[*] : Fixed Bug reading ALPNProtocol OnDisconnect event.
[*] : Fixed Bug Access Violation on TsgcWebSocketClient calling method Connect and the server doesn't accept connection.
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcWebSocketClient sometimes return Active property True while it was already disconnected from server.
[*] : Fixed Bug installing sgcWebSockets package on CBuilder 2010.
[*] : Fixed Bug Protocol Clients, access violation when disconnecting in some cases.
[*] : Fixed Bug Protocol Clients, trying to reconnect it may raise an access violation.
[*] : Fixed Bug WebSocket Server + IOCP and destroying server, an exception was shown to user if there were active connections.
[*] : Fixed Bug WebSocket Server + IOCP sometimes an exception "List index out of bounds" when disconnecting all active connections. (Thanks to Orhan to let me know).
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcWebSocketClient if watchdog executes in a secondary thread while client is destroying, an access violation appears. (Thanks to Dirk to let me know)
[*] : Fixed Bug WAMP Server List Index out of bounds in some cases processing a Call Request.
[*] : Fixed Bug WAMP Server Access Violation accessing an internal shared object.
[*] : Fixed Bug Client Protocol Subscription events, don't use notifyEvents property of component and always dispatch events asynchronous.
[*] : Fixed Bug Trials for CBuilder 10.2 and 10.3 a path was missing and package wasn't built.
[*] : Fixed Bug HeartBeat.Timeout, depending on the Interval and Timeout values, connection was wrong closed.

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