sgcWebSockets 4.4.4

These are the features included in sgcWebSockets 4.4.4

[+] : New Component TsgcHTTPGoogleCloud_Calendar_Client, allows to use Google Calendar API V3: get Calendars, events, synchronize with your own calendar...
[+] : New Demo GoogleCalendar which shows the main features of Google Calendar Client.
[+] : New method "PublishAndWait" in MQTT Client, this method allow to publish a message using mtqsAtLeastOnce or mtqsExactlyOnce and wait till message is processed by server.
[+] : New method "SendAndWait_DeviceToCloud" in Azure IoT MQTT Client, sends a message from device to cloud and wait till server processes the request.
[+] : New Property Authentication in TsgcHTTP2Client, allows to send HTTP/2 Requests using OAuth2 protocol as authentication.
[+] : Improved HTTP/2 Server, ping and heartbeat are now supported.
[+] : Improved Google PubSub client, new Events "OnAuthToken" and "OnAuthTokenError" allows to handle the OAuth2 event flow.
[+] : Improved Google PubSub client, new Method "RefreshToken" allows to reconnect to an OAuth2 session.
[+] : Improved Telegram Client, added support for proxies: HTTP, MTProto and Socks5. New methods to Add Proxies, Remove, Enable, Disable...
[+] : New method "Restart" in Server Components, restart the server in a secondary thread.
[+] : Improved WatchDog on Server components, a new property called Monitor, if enabled, a client will try to connect to server, if fails after the TimeOut set, the server is restarted automatically.

[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcWebSocketClient and TLSOptions.IOHandler = iohSChannel, when closing connection an exception 10004 was shown.
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcWebSocketClient and TLSOptions.IOHandler = iohSChannel, when destroying TsgcWebSocketClient if connection was active, a thread-lock occurs.
[*] : Fixed Bug Azure IoT MQTT Client, OnMQTTPubAck wasn't be called when client receives an acknowledgement from server.
[*] : Fixed Bug Server connections wasn't closed if OriginsAllowed not match the websocket origin client.
[*] : Fixed Bug ServerSentEvent javascript code, contains invalid text.
[*] : Fixed Bug compiling Custom Indy version, sgcIdStackVCLPosix was using IdCTypes instead of sgcIdCTypes.
[*] : Fixed Bug HeartBeat, if there was an exception sending a ping, exception was not captured and was shown to user.
[*] : Fixed Bug MQTT Client, if there was an exception while resending a message with Qos <> mtqsAtLeastOnce, exception was not captured and was shown to user.
[*] : Fixed Bug MQTT Client, when publishing a Stream with Qos <> mtqsAtLeastOnce and not received an acknowledgment from server before timeout, when resend the message, payload was empty.
[*] : Fixed Memory Leaks on Server Component when HTTP/2 is enabled.
[*] : Fixed Bug HTTP/2 when the other peer send a InitialWindowSize settings update.
[*] : Fixed Bug HTTP/2 Client, if during a Synchronous HTTP Request, there was a disconnection, client didn't stop wait a result.
[*] : Fixed Bug HTTP/2 Server, if SETTINGS_INITIAL_WINDOW_SIZE was changed after HEADERS, the WindowSize was not adjusted properly.
[*] : Fixed Bug Binance Spot User Stream API, if there was an error deleting internal ListenKey after a disconnection, the field was not cleared and can't reconnect.
[*] : Fixed Bug WatchDog on Server Components, if the server was stopped manually, the WatchDog try to start server again instead of stop.
[*] : Fixed Bug compiling sgcJSON_XSuperObject and sgcJSON_System with Delphi 10.4
[*] : Fixed Bug WebSocket Indy Servers, if Options.ReadTimeOut = 0 the server make use of full cpu. Now the minimum value for ReadTimeOut = 1
[*] : Fixed Bug Websocket Indy Servers, if server send a close packet and it's not received/processed by other peer, the connection make use of full cpu.

[/] : TsgcHTTP2Client HTTP/2 Asynchronous methods, now are renamed to GetAsync, PostAsync, PutAsync...
[/] : Demos now are grouped by categories.

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