sgcWebSockets 4.4.7

Here is the comprehensive list of new features and bug fixes included in sgcWebSockets 4.4.7:

[+] : New Client Component TsgcWSAPI_Coinbase, Coinbase is a platform that allows to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum...
[+] : Improved Demo 01.WebSocket_Quick_Start\02.WebSocket_Clients_APIs, a new Tab has been added to show how works Coinbase API.
[+] : Improved Binance Futures API, new property FutureContracts which allows to trade with USDT or COIN futures.
[+] : Improved Demo 01.WebSocket_Quick_Start\02.WebSocket_Clients_APIs, now Binance Futures allows to select USDT or COIN futures.
[+] : New Demo 02.WebSocket_Protocols\09.Binance_Trade_Futures, shows how to place an order using Binance Futures API.
[+] : Improved WebSocket Client, new event "OnBeforeConnect" this method is called before the client tries to connect to server.
[+] : Improved WebSocket Client, new event "OnBeforeWatchDog" allows to customize the Client before the client tries to reconnect to server.
[+] : Improved TsgcWebSocketHTTPServer, new property HTTP2Options.AltSvc, if enabled informs to client that HTTP/2 is supported by server.
[+] : Improved OAuth2 Client, LocalServer supports SSL/TLS connections (only professional and enterprise editions).
[+] : Improved Telegram client, new method SendRichTextMessage with support for bold, italic, underline, strike and code formats.
[+] : Improved Telegram client, new method GetChat which allows to get the data of a single chat (supported by user and bots).
[+] : Improved Socket.IO API Client, added support for Socket.IO 3.* API.
[+] : Improved HTTP/2 Client, when doing a Synchronous Request, the property Response saves the Headers and Content of the HTTP/2 Response.
[+] : Improved HTTP/2 Client, SChannel is now supported.
[+] : Improved SChannel, now supports the use of Certificates: using a Certificate in PFX format or a Certificate Hash thumbprint.
[+] : New Client Component TsgcHTTP1Client (non-visual) which inherits from TIdHTTP Indy client HTTP and adds features like: TLSOptions (OpenSSL and SChannel), Log to file and Authentication.

[*] : Fixed Bug compiling on CBuilder, error in sgcWebSocket_WinAPI unit ERROR_HTTP_INVALID_SERVER_RESPONSE.
[*] : Fixed Bug compiling on CBuilder, ambiguity between _ULARGE_INTEGER and WebView2 _ULARGE_INTEGER, same for wrSignaled. (Thanks to Franz to let me know).
[*] : Fixed Bug using SChannel as IOHandler and connecting through a Proxy Server. (Thanks to Anders to let me know).
[*] : Fixed Bug "EVP_MD_CTX_Create is not a declared identifier" compiling with "SGC_OPENSSL_API_1_1" compiler directive enabled. (Thanks to Michael to let me know).
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcWebSocketClient getting the Active property value was sometimes slow or locked.
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcWebSocketClient ProxySocks connect directly to server instead of use Proxy Server.
[*] : Fixed Bug Binance Rest API format of currency values wasn't properly set.
[*] : Fixed Bug Binance error "TLSv1 alert protocol version" when sending a KeepAlive Request for UserStream. (Thanks to Wouter to let me know).
[*] : Fixed Bug Binance Order type has been updated from Int32 to Int64.
[*] : Fixed Bug Kraken Rest API format of currency values wasn't properly set.
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcWebSocketHTTPServer, DocumentRoot wasn't working when using HTTP/2 protocol.
[*] : Fixed Bug HTTP/2 Client, when client cannot connect to server during a Synchronous request, the event OnHTTP2Exception was not called.
[*] : Fixed Bug HTTP/2 Client error "Range out of Bounds" running under windows64.
[*] : Fixed Bug HTTP/2 Client doing a Synchronous request insed a TTask method. (Thanks to Ralph to let me know).
[*] : Fixed Bug HTTP/2 Server, connection was closed incorrectly trying to detect an invalid WindowUpdate value.
[*] : Fixed Bug HTTP/2 reading single Frame in different tcp packets.
[*] : Fixed Bug HTTP/2 Client memory leaks doing Synchronous requests.
[*] : Fixed some compiler warnings.

[/] : ProxyType property [pxSOCKS] has been deleted and splitted in 3 values [pxySocks4, pxySocks4A, pxySocks5]

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