sgcWebSockets 4.5.1

Here is the comprehensive list of new features and bug fixes included in sgcWebSockets 4.5.1:

[+] : New Component TsgcLib_RCON, is a TCP/IP-based communication protocol which allows console commands to be issued to the server.
[+] : New Demo which shows how to use the RCON Client, is located in the folder "50.Other\02.RCON".
[+] : New Component TsgcHTTP_Cryptohopper, it's a crypto trading bot and portfolio manager.
[+] : New Demo which shows how to use the RCON Client, is located in the folder "50.Other\03.Cryptohopper".
[+] : Improved Binance Futures API, new method "PlaceTrailingStopOrder", places a new Trailing Stop Order to Binance Future Server.
[+] : Improved SChannel, new property "CipherList" in TLSOptions.SChannel_Options, which allows to set the cipher list used to connect to a secure server. Example: CALG_AES_256:CALG_AES_128
[+] : Improved SChannel, new method "GetInfo" allows to get the connection info properties like Transport, Cipher, Exchange...
[+] : Improved TsgcWebSocketClient, WebSocket redirections are now supported by websocket client.

[*] : Fixed Bug compiling CBuilder package, "CryptStringToBinaryW" not found.
[*] : Fixed Bug MQTT Protocol and WatchDog.Attempts > 0, after a reconnection, the internal Attempts count value was not cleared.
[*] : Fixed Bug MQTT Protocol, when QoS = mtqsExactlyOnce, after receiving a PubRel message, the PubComp reply was not sent.
[*] : Fixed Bug MQTT Protocol, when QoS = mtqsExactlyOnce, the stored message was not deleted when PUBCOMP message was received.
[*] : Fixed Bug OnException event when notifyEvents = neAsynchronous, in some cases the Exception parameter was already destroyed.
[*] : Fixed Bug Binance Futures API, when calling ChangeInitialLeverage returns the error "mandatory parameter timestamp was not sent".
[*] : Fixed Bug WebRTC wasn't working using HTTP/2 as protocol.
[*] : Fixed Bug connecting to Apple APNs using SChannel.
[*] : Fixed Bug WatchDog, if the client was disconnected and set Active = False, the watchdog never stops if WatchDog.Attempts = 0.
[*] : Fixed Bug Clearing internal Ping List, an access violation can happen in some cases.
[*] : Fixed Bug STUN Server, the magic cookie was not included in the response message.
[*] : Fixed Bug Bug Binance API, StartTime and EndTime parameters have been updated from Integer to Int64.
[*] : Fixed Bug HTTP.SYS Server, when Asynchronous = True and the message sent size was more than 500KB an internal error was raised and the connection was closed.
[*] : Fixed Bug SignalR Client, when the SignalR Server is listening in a URL with parameters the client cannot connect to server.

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