Datasnap and WebSocket Server

TsgcWSHTTPWebBrokerBridgeServer use TIdHttpWebBrokerBridge as server base and is useful if you want to use a single server for DataSnap, HTTP and WebSocket connections.

TsgcWSHTTPWebBrokerBridgeServer inherits from TsgcWebSocketHTTPServer, so you can refer to this server.

Follow next steps to replace TIdHttpWebBrokerBridge for TsgcWSHTTPWebBrokerBridgeServer :

 1. Create a new instance of TsgcWSHTTPWebBrokerBridgeServer.

 2. Replace all calls to TIdHttpWebBrokerBridge for TsgcWSHTTPWebBrokerBridgeServer.

 3. To Handle WebSocket connections just refer to TsgcWebSocketHTTPServer.