Indy Package not Found

sgcWebSockets requires Indy to install components in your IDE. Trial installation is compiled against Indy library provided with Delphi / CBuilder, so if you get a message like this:

[DCC Fatal Error] dclsgcWebSocketsDX.dpk(31): E2202 Required package 'IndyCore' not found

Most probably you have a newer Indy version, so in order to install trial you must delete this version and install built-in indy version using Delphi / CBuilder setup.

If you have full source code, then you only must check:

1. Required Indy packages: IndyCore, IndySystem and IndyProtocols. If you have a newer Indy version, most probably packages have a different name (including version), so access to menu "Component / Install Packages" and check which name have Indy packages and change accordingly in project.

2. sgcWebSockets supports several Indy versions, there are compiler defines to allow compile for every Indy version. Open, located in source folder, and change accordingly for your Indy version (is gsIdVersion of Indy file). Some compiler defines:

  {$DEFINE INDY10_1}

  {$DEFINE INDY10_2}

  {$DEFINE INDY10_5_5}

  {$DEFINE INDY10_5_7}

  {$DEFINE INDY10_6}

  {$DEFINE INDY10_6_2_5366}