sgcWebSockets 4.0.1

In this version, the main changes affect to WinHTTP client, which now supports:

  1. Asynchronous requests: use the WinHTTP functions asynchronously. By default, all WinHTTP functions that use the returned HINTERNET handle are performed synchronously.
  2. Proxy support: now connections can use http proxies.


Full List

  [+] : WinHTTP client, added proxy support.

 [+] : WinHTTP client, added asynchronous request support.

 [+] : WinHTTP client, implemented query close status.


 [*] : Fixed Bug using OnBinary event in C#, added a new event to handle binary data using array of bytes.

 [*] : Fixed messages when compiling: unit '%s' implicitly imported into package '%s'

 [*] : Fixed Memory Leaks websocket server.

 [*] : Fixed Memory Leak TsgcWSClient.

 [*] : Fixed Bug, disconnect event was not raised in iOS / Android.

 [*] : Fixed Bug in WriteData method from protocol components.

 [*] : Fixed Bug, added QueueOptions to published properties of client.

 [*] : Fixed Bug, Access violation when Server.Active := False and SSL enabled.

 [*] : Fixed Bug, Access violation when Client.Active := False and SSL enabled.

 [*] : Fixed Bug, when RaiseDisconnectExceptions is not enabled, some exceptions were not catched.