sgcWebSockets 4.1.9

With sgcWebSockets 4.1.9 we introduce 1 new API

  • Huobi: is an international multi-language cryptocurrency exchange

There is a new server:

  • TsgcWSHTTPWebBrokerBridgeServer: use TIdHttpWebBrokerBridge as server base and is useful if you want to use a single server for DataSnap, HTTP and WebSocket connections.


 Full List of Changes:

[+] : New Server TsgcWSHTTPWebBrokerBridgeServer, which allows combine HTTP, DataSnap and WebSocket requests using the same server and port.

[+] : New Client Component TsgcWSAPI_Huobi, is an international multi-language cryptocurrency exchange

[+] : New Demo WebBrokerBridge, shows a simple datasnap and websocket server.

[+] : New Demo AndroidService, shows how a websocket client can run as Android service and show a notification every time receives a message.

[+] : Added Pusher Tab in Client Demo.

[+] : New Method WriteAndWaitData in TsgcWSConnection, sends a message and waits response from other peer.

[+] : OnException event now provides original exception if exists.

[+] : Added support for authentication methods TsgcWebSocketServer_HTTPAPI Server.

[+] : New Event OnHTTPRequest in TsgcWebSocketServer_HTTPAPI server component, now server can handle websocket and HTTP connections.

[+] : New Property Port in TsgcWebSocketServer_HTTPAPI server component, allows to set default listening port.


 [*] : Fixed Bug OnWatchdog event, when client starts in a thread method, reconnection now uses thread method too.

 [*] : Fixed Bug SGC Protocol error "list index out of bounds" calling publish method in some scenarios.

 [*] : Fixed Bug in client demo, STOMP was not well linked to MQTT when server was changed.

 [*] : Fixed Bug HTTP API Server, binary messages were not received properly.

 [*] : Fixed Bug HTTP API Server, authentication methods (URL and Basic) didn't work

 [*] : Fixed Bug Client when disconnecting from a thread.

 [*] : Fixed Bug STOMP protocol, content-length header was incorrect if message contains special characters.

 [*] : Fixed Bug WatchDog was not working when Authentication Basic was used behind a Broker Protocol.

 [*] : Fixed Bug Client WebSocket Component, TsgcWSConnection.Free could be called more than once.

 [*] : Fixed Line Break Bug in Compiled HTML Help file.

 [*] : Fixed Bug Broadcasting streams when permessage-deflate compression is enabled.


 [/] : Property RegisteredURLs in TsgcWebSocketServer_HTTPAPI now is Bindings.