sgcWebSockets 4.2.0

With sgcWebSockets 4.2.0 we add support for Rad Studio 10.3 Rio and introduce a new websocket protocol.


 Full List of Changes:


 [+] : Added support for Rad Studio 10.3 Rio.

 [+] : New Protocol Presence (Server and Client), allows to know who is subscribed to a channel, example: chat rooms, collaborators on a document, people viewing the same web page, competitors in a game...

 [+] : New Client Component TsgcWSAPI_Bitmex, is a cryptocurrency exchange and derivative trading platform.

 [+] : New Server Event, OnUnknownProtocol, if protocol is not detected, here you can set which protocol use (example: allows to set plain TCP protocol).

 [+] : New Presence Demo which shows how Presence protocol works.

 [+] : New AppRTCEmbed demo, uses CEF4Delphi library to embed Chromium-based browsers in a client application to use AppRTC online demo without any webbrowser installed. More infor about CEF4Delphi: