Binance API WebSocket and Rest API

 From sgcWebSockets 4.3.6, binance API has been improved and new methods have been implemented. Main improvements:

1. Deleted all methods to subscribe before a successful websocket connection.

2. Added support for live subscriptions in websocket api.

3. Added support for user stream websocket data.

4. Added support for Rest API.

Binance APIs 

 The following APIs are supported:

  1. WebSocket streams: allows to subscribe to some methods and get data in real-time. Events are pushed to clients by server to subscribers. Uses WebSocket as protocol.
  2. UserData stream: subscribed clients get account details. Requires an API key to authenticate and uses WebSocket as protocol.
  3. REST API: clients can request to server market and account data. Requires an API Key and Secret to authenticate and uses HTTPs as protocol.

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