Google Cloud Pub/Sub Delphi Component

From sgcWebSockets 4.3.6, Google Cloud Pub/Sub API is supported.

Pub/Sub brings the flexibility and reliability of enterprise message-oriented middleware to the cloud. At the same time, Pub/Sub is a scalable, durable event ingestion and delivery system that serves as a foundation for modern stream analytics pipelines. By providing many-to-many, asynchronous messaging that decouples senders and receivers, it allows for secure and highly available communication among independently written applications. Pub/Sub delivers low-latency, durable messaging that helps developers quickly integrate systems hosted on the Google Cloud Platform and externally.

Common use cases

  • Balancing workloads in network clusters. For example, a large queue of tasks can be efficiently distributed among multiple workers, such as Google Compute Engine instances.
  • Implementing asynchronous workflows. For example, an order processing application can place an order on a topic, from which it can be processed by one or more workers.
  • Distributing event notifications. For example, a service that accepts user signups can send notifications whenever a new user registers, and downstream services can subscribe to receive notifications of the event.
  • Refreshing distributed caches. For example, an application can publish invalidation events to update the IDs of objects that have changed.
  • Logging to multiple systems. For example, a Google Compute Engine instance can write logs to the monitoring system, to a database for later querying, and so on.
  • Data streaming from various processes or devices. For example, a residential sensor can stream data to backend servers hosted in the cloud.
  • Reliability improvement. For example, a single-zone Compute Engine service can operate in additional zones by subscribing to a common topic, to recover from failures in a zone or region.

Delphi / CBuilder component 

sgcWebSockets Google Cloud Pub/Sub component uses Rest API to connect to Google API. Find below an example of how create a new topic.

//Create a new topic for project with id: pubsub-270909 and topic name topic-1. 
oPubSub := TsgcHTTPGoogleCloud_PubSub_Client.Create(nil);
oPubSub.GoogleCloudOptions.OAuth2.ClientId := '... your google client id...';
oPubSub.GoogleCloudOptions.OAuth2.ClientSecret := '... your google client secret...';
oPubSub.CreateTopic('pubsub-270909', 'topic-1');

//Response from Server

  "name": "projects/pubsub-270909/topics/topic-1"
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