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From sgcWebSockets 2022.1, the Servers are supported by our Binance API Client. The following APIs are supported:

  1. WebSocket streams: allows to subscribe to some methods and get data in real-time. Events are pushed to clients by server to subscribers. Uses WebSocket as protocol.
  2. UserData stream: subscribed clients get account details. Requires an API key to authenticate and uses WebSocket as protocol.
  3. REST API: clients can request to server market and account data. Requires an API Key and Secret to authenticate and uses HTTPs as protocol.


There is a new property in Binance property called "BinanceUS", if enabled, the client will connect to servers instead of servers


oClient := TsgcWebSocketClient.Create(nil);

oBinance := TsgcWSAPI_Binance.Create(nil);
oBinance.Binance.BinanceUS := True;
oBinance.Client := oClient;

oClient.Active := True; 


TsgcWebSocketClient oClient = new TsgcWebSocketClient();

TsgcWSAPI_Binance oBinance = new TsgcWSAPI_Binance();
oBinance.Binance.BinanceUS := true;
oBinance.Client = oClient;

oClient.Active = true; 
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sgcWebSockets 2022.1.0
Bitmex Delphi Client Updated

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