Bitmex Delphi Client Updated

From sgcWebSockets 2022.1, the Bitmex REST API is supported, this means that now you can place orders, cancel existing orders, get executions, position... and much more.

Place Orders 

The Bitmex REST API offer public and private endpoints. The Private endpoints requires that messages signed to increase the security of transactions.

First you must login to your Bitmex account and create a new API, you will get the following values:

  • ApiKey
  • ApiSecret

These fields must be configured in the Bitmex property of the Bitmex API client component. Once configured, you can start to do private requests to the Bitmex REST API.

// buy market order
BITMEX.REST_API.PlaceMarketOrder(bmosBuy, 'XBTUSD', 100);

// sell limit order at 45000
BITMEX.REST_API.PlaceLimitOrder(bmosSell, 'XBTUSD', 100, 45000.00);

// stop order at 48000
BITMEX.REST_API.PlaceStopOrder(bmosSell, 'XBTUSD', 100, 48000.00); 
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