Bittrex API V3 Support

From sgcWebSockets 4.4.3, Bittrex API component supports latest WebSocket API V3. Prior API, end of life is planned for 09/30/2020.

The API still is based on SignalR but there are several changes, so all old methods have been removed and new methods and events have been added.

Private Methods

There are some new private methods like Subscription to Balance, Deposit or Orders which requires a valid authentication. First you must create your own API Keys in your Bittrex account and then set these keys on our Client API and call method Authenticate. If authentication is successful, OnBittrexAuthenticated event will be called.

You can check if you are authenticated at any time, calling the function IsAuthenticated, if returns true, means you are already authenticated.

Authentication expires after about 10 minutes, but don't worry, the component re-authenticates automatically before expires.

Public Methods 

Now there are available more subscription options that with old API. You can subscribe to Ticker, Candles, Order book, market summaries and more.

There is a new method called HeartBeat, which if you are subscribed, you will receive a ping every 5 seconds while connection is alive, if you don't receive a ping after this time, means connection is not alive. 

WebSockets Bittrex API

Client WebSocket Bittrex with support for API V3. Download the demo, check documentation and more.
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