HTTP2 Tests from HTTPBIN.ORG provides a useful server to test HTTP/2 protocol, there are several cases which can be used to test HTTP clients. You can find below a list of main tests provided:

    • HTTP Methods: Testing different HTTP verbs
    • Auth: Auth methods
    • Status Codes: Generates responses with given status code
    • Request inspection: Inspect the request data
    • Response inspection: Inspect the response data like caching and headers
    • Response formats: Returns responses in different data formats
    • Dynamic data: Generates random and dynamic data
    • Cookies: Creates, reads and deletes Cookies
    • Images: Returns different image formats
    • Redirects: Returns different redirect responses
    • Anything: Returns anything that is passed to request

sgcWebSockets Client Sample

Find below an already compiled client for windows built with sgcWebSockets library which works with tests using HTTP/2 protocol 

File Name: sgcHTTP2_HTTPBIN
File Size: 2.4 mb
Download File
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