Facial Recognition

From sgcBiometrics 2.0, Facial Recognition is supported using a compatible Windows Hello camera, this allows to monitor if there is a human person in front of the camera (you can know if there is someone, identify, arrives, departs and more). Facial Recognition and Identification is supported too.

Facial Recognition is only supported by system sensor pool, so you must first enroll a user using Windows Hello (WBF doesn't allow to enroll faces, only fingerprints are supported). You can register more than one face in your windows, you only must create a new windows account and attach the new face to this account.


  • A compatible camera with support for Windows Hello.
  • Windows 10+ (desktop apps only)
  • Windows Server 2016+ (desktop apps only).

Log in Windows 10 with your face

How to log in to Windows 10 with your face

  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options.
  • Set up an account password and PIN.
  • Click the "Set up" button for Face under Windows Hello.
  • Click the "Get started" button, enter your PIN, and sit in front of the camera while Windows takes a few seconds to scan your face.
  • Click "Close" and you're all set.

Basic Usage 

1. Drop a TsgcWinBioFacial in any form or datamodule.

2. Check if there is a Session opened, if not, call InitializeSensors method to start to use your sensor. The Facial Recognition component uses Asynchronous mode, so set a Timeout to Initialize sensors (in milliseconds).

  if not TsgcWinBioFacial1.SessionIsOpen then


  a. If initialization is successful, then OnEnumBiometricUnit event will be called.

  b. If there is any error, OnError event is raised.

3. Call FacialRecognize to try to recognize the face, if returns true, means that face has been recognized.

  if TsgcWinBioFacial1.FacialRecognize then

    ShowMessage('Face Recognized')


    ShowMessage('Unknown Face');

4. You can get the Face Identification Id calling the method FacialIdentify, if successful returns the AccountSid as a string.


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File Size: 1.1 mb
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