sgcWebSockets 4.4.6

Here is the comprehensive list of new features and bug fixes included in sgcWebSockets 4.4.6:

[+] : New Event OnBeforeForwardHTTP on Server Components, allows to forward an HTTP request to another server. (Thanks to Olaf for his suggestion).
[+] : New Event OnAfterForwardHTTP on Server Components, allows to know the response from HTTP Forwarded Request.
[+] : Improved TsgcWebSocketHTTPServer, now has support for HTTP/2 Server Push using PushPromiseAddPreLoadLinks method to configure the push promise files.
[+] : Improved TsgcWebSocketHTTPServer, added support for HTTP/2 cookies.
[+] : Improved TsgcWebSocketHTTPServer, new Property HTTP2Options.Events, configures if Connect/Disconnect events are called under HTTP/2 protocol (by default are disabled).
[+] : New Property ReadBufferSize in HTTP.SYS Server, allows to set the size of the read buffer, by default is 16384.
[+] : Improved Telegram API, send bot messages with buttons (Callback and Url) is now supported.
[+] : Improved Telegram API, a new event "OnNewCallbackQuery" has been added, allows to process which buttons have selected the users.
[+] : Improved Google PubSub API, now supports service accounts using JWT as Authentication.
[+] : Improved MQTT client, HeartBeat now supports Timeout, if after x time the client doesn't receive a response to the ping previously sent, it closes the connection automatically.

[*] : Fixed Bug writing ALPN protocol when FastMM4 is enabled.
[*] : Fixed Bug Out of Memory when HTTP/2 and FastMM4 are enabled reading internal Frames.
[*] : Fixed Bug in Indy Servers, the ReadTimeOut value was not used after read socket data to check if there was more data to process.
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcHTTP2Client when received a RSTStream, the event wasn't assigned and an access violation was raised.
[*] : Fixed Bug Azure IoT MQTT Client when passing a property with the "/" character, it wasn't encoded properly.
[*] : Fixed Bug Access Violation when closing HTTP.SYS server (if SSL was enabled) under x64 and FastMM5 was enabled.
[*] : Fixed Bug when assigning a thread-name under DEBUG, in some cases, the thread name was assigned to incorrect thread.
[*] : Fixed Bug Basic Authorization was not read under HTTP/2 protocol if Authentication was not enabled.
[*] : Fixed Bug Server HTTP/2 Protocol reading a Window_Update while Header Frame was not already processed.
[*] : Fixed Bug HTTP/2 Protocol, connection window update was not updated and an error was raised closing connection.
[*] : Fixed Bug HTTP/2 Protocol decoding latest header of Static table.
[*] : Fixed Bug HTTP/2 Protocol receiving unexpected stream identifier in client component.
[*] : Fixed Bug Google Calendar Client access violation when reading default reminders.
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcWebSocketClient if Options.CleanDisconnect = True and there was an error sending the close message, the disconnect event wasn't called.
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcWebSocketClient, avoid potential thread-lock when reconnecting to server if notifyEvents = neNoSync. (Thanks to Stefan to let me know).
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcWebSocketClient, avoid potential call to OnDisconnect event twice.
[*] : Fixed Bug Memory Leak on Telegram Client.
[*] : Fixed Bug SignalR client, invalid variant error if connects to a non SignalR server.
[*] : Fixed Bug SignalR client, potential invalid variant error decoding ConnectionTimeout.
[*] : Fixed Bug LogFile of TsgcWebSocketClient wasn't thread safe. (Thanks to Eddy to let me know).
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcWebSocketClient using TLS 1.3 sometimes an error was raised when connecting to server.

[/] : TsgcWebSocketClient.FWSConnection is now cleared BEFORE OnDisconnect event is called.

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