HTTP/2 Server Test Performance

From sgcWebSockets 4.4.3, HTTP/2 is initially supported and new features will be added on next versions. In a prior entry blog we compared the performance between HTTP 1.1 and HTTP/2 protocols, to do this, I use sgcWebSockets HTTP/2 client which downloaded 100 images from servers. 

HTTP/2 Client 

sgcWebSockets HTTP/2 client has been modified to allow the url where you will connect to download jpeg images. Now there are 2 urls:


The second is which I select to do the tests, this is a local HTTP/2 server built with sgcWebSockets library.

HTTP/2 Server 

A new HTTP/2 server sample has been built with sgcWebSockets library, this will be the server I will use to compare performance between both protocols. In order to test, just open the executable and will start to listening on port 5450 and localhost.

HTTP 1.1 vs HTTP/2 

If I Start the test on client component, you will see the big difference between HTTP 1.1 and HTTP/2. The HTTP/2 protocol takes almost nothing downloading the 100 images, will HTTP 1.1 protocol takes much more because every time must open a new connection download, wait and close and start again, while HTTP/2 uses the same connection to handle all requests and those are processed asynchronously.

HTTP/2 Component

Download the compiled samples from the following url:
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DataSnap with WebSocket and HTTP/2
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