HTTP2 Client Tests

RFC 7540 and RFC 7541 contains the full specification of HTTP/2 protocol and in the process of implementing a new HTTP/2 client for sgcWebSockets library, is important to use external tools to check if client component is working as expected. One of this online tools is hosted in:

This web offers some tests for HTTP/2 clients, it has been quite useful during the HTTP/2 implementation so I've built a Delphi HTTP2 client to check if tests are passed properly.

HTTP/2 Tests

The Golang server offers to HTTP/2 community a list of URLs to test the HTTP/2 client implementations

  • GET /reqinfo to dump the request + headers received
  • GET /clockstream streams the current time every second
  • GET /serverpush to see a page with server push
  • GET /file/gopher.png for a small file (does If-Modified-Since, Content-Range, etc)
  • GET /file/go.src.tar.gz for a larger file (~10 MB)
  • GET /redirect to redirect back to / (this page)
  • GET /goroutines to see all active goroutines in this server
  • PUT something to /crc32 to get a count of number of bytes and its CRC-32
  • PUT something to /ECHO and it will be streamed back to you capitalized

Find below a screenshot of the sgcWebSockets client HTTP2 demo running Clock Stream sample.

Download sample 

File Name: sgcHTTP2_GolangTests
File Size: 2.2 mb
Download File
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