New sgcWebSockets Windows Installer

sgcWebSockets for Delphi or CBuilder now can be installed using a windows setup, this installer uses the fantastic Innosetup application.

The installer copies the required files, build the packages, install the design-time package and register the required paths in the Rad Studio IDE.


Find below step by step how install the package (for users with a license).

  • Execute the Installer.
  • First you must set your username/password of your private eSeGeCe account. This only must be entered one time, the next time you use the setup, the installer will read the latest value.
  • If the user logins successfully, select if you want to install in Delphi or CBuilder IDE. There is a check to extract the required lazarus files (Lazarus requires to install the package manually).
  • There are some options that can be customized every time you use the installer, press the button Options to access these properties.
    • Build Packages: if selected, the installer will try to build the packages.
    • Register Paths IDE: if selected, the installer will register the required library paths in the IDE.
    • Register BPLs IDE: if selected and the installer has built the packages successfully, the installer will register the design-time package in the IDE.
  • Now you can select which IDE Versions you want to install. Only those IDE versions that the installer detect as installed, will be available.
  • Next step is select the Platforms.
  • Select the folder where the package will be installed. If you reinstall the package, the installer will select by default the same folder selected in the previous install.
  • Select which components to install. The registered customers have an IDE expert that allows to connect to the eSeGeCe account from the IDE, know if there are available updates, direct access to helpdesk... and more.
  • Finally, it will extract the files, compile and install the package and register the required paths in the IDE.
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