sgcWebSockets 4.4.1

Changes included in sgcWebSockets 4.4.1

[+] : Improved Telegram API Component, added support for Android.
[+] : New property "DatabaseDirectory" in Telegram Client. Allows to set the directory where is the TDLib database.
[+] : Improved Telegram Demo to ask user for a password if telegram component requires it.
[+] : Improved speed reading websocket data (requires Delphi 2010+) applies to server and client components.
[+] : Threads now are identified by classname or classname + Connection.Guid while Debug is active.
[+] : New Property TimeOut in Indy IOCP Server, allows to set the max timeout closing server threads.
[+] : Updated OpenSSL Custom Indy, added X509_verify_cert_error_string to be able to retrieve cert error. (Thanks to Sébastien for his patch).
[+] : Improved Dataset Protocol, there is a new property "FormatSettings" to set the format settings of float and datetime fields (avoiding different format settings between peers).
[+] : Added support for ALPN (Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation) when SChannel is set in TsgcWebSocketClient.
[+] : New property "Path" in Socket.IO API. Allows to set custom path before connecting to Server.

[*] : Fixed Bugs Compiling CBuilder 2010.
[*] : Fixed Bug Rad Studio 10.4 destroying objects in nextgen compilers.
[*] : Fixed Bug compiler config file wasn't including telegram component.
[*] : Fixed Bug MQTT 5.0 API reading PubACK, PubREC, PubREL, PubCOMP Properties.
[*] : Fixed Bug MQTT 5.0 Calling publish method and passing properties as parameter.
[*] : Fixed Bug Indy Server + IOCP, access violation closing connection.
[*] : Fixed Bug Indy Server + IOCP, exception "connection closed gracefully" was showed to end-user.
[*] : Fixed Bug Indy Server + IOCP, memory leaks have been removed.
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcWebSocketClient.Connect, if remote peer was not available, an exception was raised.
[*] : Fixed Bug MQTT Client Protocol, when watchdog is enabled and Attempts value is greater than zero, client was trying to reconnect more times than the attempts value.
[*] : Fixed Bug OpenSSL Custom Indy, for openssl 1.1.1 use EVP_MD_CTX_new and EVP_MD_CTX_free. (Thanks to Sébastien for his patch).
[*] : Fixed Bug OpenSSL Custom Indy, changed wrong name for sk_pop_free and added some functions available for static linking. (Thanks to Sébastien for his patch).
[*] : Fixed Bug Compiling sgcWebSockets + Custom Indy under Linux. (Thanks to Hans for his patch).
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcWebSocketClient when Server sends a Sub-protocol which client has not requested.
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcWebSocketClient_WinHTTP, when Async = True and TLS is enabled, client cannot connect to server.
[*] : Fixed Bug Presence Protocol, if while disconnecting, a member was not found and exception was raised. (Thanks to Michael to let me know).
[*] : Fixed Bug Intraweb Client sending a message with Intraweb XV.
[*] : Fixed Bug Thread Lock while Client Disconnecting when TLS is enabled with latest Indy version.
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcWebSocketClient_WinHTTP, binary messages were not read properly in the latest versions of Delphi / CBuilder.
[*] : Fixed Bug Azure IoT Client, it couldn't connect depending of Timezone configuration.
[*] : Fixed Bug Telegram component, SetTDJsonPath was not set as public method.
[*] : Fixed Bug Presence Protocol Javascript sending characters like double quote in json messages.
[*] : Fixed Demo Socket.IO, it wasn't working because server url was changed.

[/] : Deleted Deprecated TsgcWebSocketClient_SocketIO. Now is only available as an API.
[/] : Changed Binance HTTP Enumerations to avoid conflict with WebSocket Enumerations.
[/] : Changed Kraken HTTP Enumerations to avoid conflict with WebSocket Enumerations. 

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