sgcWebSockets 4.4.3

These are the features included in sgcWebSockets 4.4.3

[+] : Initial support for HTTP/2 in TsgcWebSocketHTTPServer
- New property HTTP2Options: allows to enable HTTP/2 protocol and configure initial settings.
[+] : Improved Bittrex API component, now supports latest V3 API.
- New Methods: Subscriptions to Balance, Orders, Candles, Trades...
- New Events: OnAuthenticated, OnHeartBeat, OnUnSubscribed...
[+] : New Event OnBeforeHeartBeat on Client and Server components, allows to customize HeartBeat behaviour.
[+] : New Non-Visual component TsgcWebBrokerBridgeRequestHandlerHTTP2, it's a server replacement for DataSnap WebBrokerBridge with support for HTTP/2 Connections.
[+] : New Property SignatureV4 on Amazon IoT MQTT Client, allows to connect using port 443 and don't make use of certificates.
[+] : New Property CustomAuthentication on Amazon IoT MQTT Client, allows to connect using port 443 (over TCP or WebSockets) and authenticate using URL Parameters or Header Fields.
[+] : New Properties on Amazon and Azure IoT MQTT Clients.
- MQTTHeartBeat: allows to send a ping automatically every X seconds.
- WatchDog: allows to reconnect automatically after an undesired disconnection.
- LogFile: allows to log protocol messages in a file for debug purposes.
[+] : New Property MQTTAuthentication on Amazon IoT MQTT client, allows to set the username and password when connects to server.
[+] : New Property SAS.Expiry on Azure IoT MQTT Client, allows to set the time in minutes before the SAS Token expires.
[+] : Improved HTTP/2 demo, a new server has been added for performance testing.
[+] : Improved Server Chat Demo to show how enable HTTP/2 connections.

[*] : Fixed Access Violation TsgcWebSocketClient when TLS is enabled reading bytes from socket.
[*] : Fixed Access Violation when WebSocket server uses SSL and is disconnecting.
[*] : Fixed Bug Socket.IO, connection was closed by a HeartBeat timeout.
[*] : Fixed Bug Reading Compressed Frame when Compression was enabled.
[*] : Improved Memory Usage when Compression is enabled.
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcHTTP2Client high use of cpu while idle.
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcHTTP2Client when switching to another server and request was asynchronous, the connection was frozen.
[*] : Fixed Bug Azure IoT MQTT Client, when reconnect using watchdog, the SAS token was not set properly.
[*] : Fixed Bug Dataset Protocol when formatsettings were different between peers.
[*] : Fixed Bug SignalRCore Client, high consume cpu while waiting a response from server.
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcWebSocketServer/TsgcWebSocketHTTPServer, high consume cpu when IOCP was enabled.
[*] : Fixed Bug TsgcWSServer_HTTPAPI_WebBrokerBridge when assigning a Stream response.

[/] : Bittrex API Client Component has changed several methods and events due to update to latest API V3.

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