Thursday, 16 July 2020
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Hi there,

Hopefully you can help me out or confirm the following...
I'm using two components in my application eg. an TsgcWebSocketHTTPServer and a TsgcWSPServer_sgc.

I'm using the RPC over JSON technique and everything look fine (implemented some RPC call's which are executed when the client ask's for it) but now... I need to RemoteDebug my application on a other machine, to accomplish that I'm using Embarcadero's PAServer. When the client make's the call to the server it looks that the RPC call is "eaten" of "vanished"... the "server" which is remotedebugged is not responding any more. Is this an limitation of Remote Debugging using Embarcadero's PAServer? or do i need to setup some other property's on the Server components?

Does anybody have any idea's about this issue? When running the server on the remote machine without the RemoteDebugger (PAServer) the log file which is generated looks a bit different. I'll try to attach two files.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

Richard Lichtendahl
ENK Software - +1 GMT
3 years ago

I just test the Protocol Sample located in Demo folder and works well. I use 2 windows in the same lan with Delphi 10.4. I can connect and send/receive RPC.
Reading the logs provided, seems client can connect to server, server sends a message with the session to client and client sends something to server (most probably a RPC) and for some reason here the connection closes. Server does something when receive the RPC? search a folder? a file or whatever?

Kind regards,
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