Tuesday, 10 December 2019
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Does the WebSockets Component support UniGui? if yes do you have an example?
4 years ago

There is no official support for unigui but I know that some of my customers use Unigui and sgcWebsockets. I don't think it's difficult to implement.

Kind Regards,
4 years ago

I have tried TsgcWebSocketServer, it connects and shows in the log connected, however is not transmitting or receiving any messages.

It would be greatly apreciated if anyone has solution for this.

4 years ago
Could you provide more information about this behavior? Messages received by server are handled by OnMessage event and server sends messages using Writedata or Broadcast methods.

Which sgcWebsockets version do you try? And which IDE?
4 years ago
I am using XE10.2 and UniGui build
following is a test code. I get a message in the logfile that it is connected but nothing is sent or received by the socket.

please find attached a test project.
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4 years ago
After reviewing your sample, I see that there is no code to send any message from Unigui to sgcWebSockets server and this must be implemented from Unigui side. Some Unigui customers have implemented their own scripts using websocket as protocol.

If you open a Web Browser session to following url link:

You can test websocket protocol in your sample. If you press Open and then Send button, you will receive a message from webbrowser in your Application.
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