Monday, 06 November 2023
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I have a server and client as Delphi VCL.
This all works very well.
Now I have a web application. I built myself some tools within TMS Web Core.
I'm creating a websocket client here.

I get a session ID about the event.
All events of the basis websocket work, but not the events of the protocol (default sgc).
I have included this

<script src="/sgcWebSockets.js"></script>
<script src="/"></script>

and my javascript with

new sgcws(address)

Then I set all the events.
All of this is done correctly in the debugger.

But I don't get any events from the sgcProtocol.

Then I adapted the example page from the websockets folder "" so that it runs with my server. Here too, the open/connected/... events come, but not the protocol events.

Am I making a mistake?
Do I have a problem with my PC?
Is there any further help for javascript?

Thank you for help