Wednesday, 19 February 2020
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I have recently bought sgcWebSockets, because I need to connect to a WAMP server. It uses ticket authentication. I have compiled the Wamp server and Wamp client demos, and incorporated most of the Wamp Client into my application, and that works fine. Looking on, it says

A typical authentication begins with the client sending a HELLO message specifying the ticket method as (one of) the authentication methods:
[1, "realm1",
"roles": ...,
"authmethods": ["ticket"],
"authid": "joe"

If the server is willing to let the client authenticate using a ticket and the server recognizes the provided authid, it'll send a CHALLENGE message:
[4, "ticket", {}]
The client will send an AUTHENTICATE message containing a ticket:
[5, "ticketticket", {}]

I am not sure where to start with this. I notice that the TsgcWSClient has an Authentication property, but it is not obvious how that might be used. When I click the start button on the Client, I get a Welcome from the WampServer demo, but it seems like I need several steps inbetween these two events.

Any pointers as to where to start would be appreciated.