Tuesday, 02 July 2024
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I have a very strange effect here blocking my current development. I buildt a gateway using sgcWebsocketServer.

I developed in a VCL application to write logging to a memo. Already within the VCL application I created all components in code, because I planned to put all this into a windows service.

I use TsgcWebSocketServer, TsgcWebSocketHTTPServer and TsgcWSAPIServer_WebPush.

After completing development and everything worked fine I transferred the code into a windows service. Since I already created all the components in code durcing development this was very easy.

The webserver part of the gateway still works, also the web push mechanism but the Websocket server no longer fires events. When I connect a logfile (via logFile.Filename and logFile.enabled), I can see that websocket clients connect correctly and send their credentials but no events like OnConnect or OnDisconnect are fired from the TsgcWebSocketServer component although I double checked that the routines are connected to it correctly.

I then moved the code to a console application with exactly the same effect. In the GUI app everything works.

As everything else works i suspect that there is some kind of dependency with GUI or so. And its only the websocket server that behaves strange.

Any help is VERY welcome as I am running into severe time constraints.