Friday, 10 March 2023
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Dear Support,

There are two very easily reproducible bugs in the websocket server that make it unusable.
We test it with your IOCPServer demo app, server running on port 6005.

1, If we make a socket from javascript to server with a simple call of

socket = new WebSocket('ws://');

and than close a browser or page, we immediately get an Invalid Pointer Operation execption in delphi:

Note that, sometimes we get Access Violation instead of Invalid Pointer Operation.
Another note, if the IOHandlerType is iohDefault its work fine.

2, Another strange bug is, if we create a socket with domain name, instead of ip address:

socket = new WebSocket('ws://localhost:6005');

we immediately get an Socket Error #10014, Buffer fault exception. (OnConnect event not called)

Note that, if the IOHandlerType is iohDefault its work fine.

Plase check theese issuse, if possible,