sgcWebSockets 4.1.1

There is a new client protocol for WAMP 2.0, now you can connect to WAMP 2.0 servers like Poloniex.

WAMP is an open standard WebSocket subprotocol that provides two application messaging patterns in one unified protocol: Remote Procedure Calls + Publish & Subscribe.


Full List of changes:

 [+] : New Protocol Component TsgcWSPClient_WAMP2, implements WAMP 2.0 protocol.

 [+] : Added support for Server Proxy Sub-Protocols.


 [*] : When connection is IPv6, built-in sgcWebSockets.html was not showed properly.

 [*] : Fixed Bug in TsgcWebSocketServerHTTP on Linux64, files inside DocumentRoot where not found.

 [*] : Fixed Bug in Delphi7, error compiling MQTT Client.

 [*] : Fixed Bug MQTT client, heartbeat only work if client enables it.

 [*] : Fixed Bug MQTT client, ClientIdentifier was ignored if CleanSession was true.

 [*] : Small fixes to allow Delphi7 compile latest Indy version.

 [*] : Fixed Bug MQTT client, dirty messages when subscribing with mtqsAtLeastOnce.

 [*] : Fixed Library Free version.

 [*] : Fixed Bug Dataset Protocol, LargeInteger was not properly decoded when Base64 was enabled.

 [*] : Fixed Bug if handshake message was fragmented, connection was closed.