sgcWebSockets 4.1.4

New method lo register SubProtocol in an easy way, implementing new features for Server based on Microsofot HTTP API 2.0 for windows and IOCP and some bugs and fixes.


 [+] : Overloaded method to register subprotocols at runtime by name. Events are raised on Server/Client context in this case.

 [+] : Added New Methods in sgcWebSockets library to send binary messages using TBytes as parameter.

 [+] : Added support for Socket.IO API 2.*

 [+] : Updated Socket.IO to latest online demo.

 [+] : Added RegisteredURLs to TsgcWebSocketServer_HTTPAPI, allows to register which URLs will be handled by sgcWebSockets.


 [*] : Fixed Warnings compiling sgcWebSockets library with latest compiler.

 [*] : Fixed Bug compiling CBuilder with method SetPort.

 [*] : Fixed several bugs for TsgcWebSocketServer_HTTPAPI