Could not load SSL library

Some libraries, like Indy, use openssl to connect to secure servers using TLS. As some components from sgcWebSockets package are based on Indy library, make use of openssl libraries and sometimes you get an error message when you can load a library.

There are several reasons why you can't load the openssl library.

In the following lines I will try to explain the most common ones.

Library can not be found

Yes, this is the number one reason why library can not be loaded. Usually if openssl libraries are in the same folder that your main application, openssl can be loaded in your app. You can try to update your global path where your openssl libraries are if this is not the same folder than your application.

So, every time you get this error, first check if your openssl libraries exists and are in the correct folder. 

Library is old

OpenSSL libraries are updated quite often and sometimes you don't have the latest openssl libraries or are not compatible with your application.

Check if you have latest openssl libraries because if some function needed by your app are not included in your openssl library, this can be a reason why can not be loaded. 

VC++ runtime package is not installed 

Yes, another reason, why openssl library can not be loaded, in windows environments, is because vc++ runtime packages are not installed in your machine. If you are not sure if have been installed, first install runtime package and try again. 

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